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Welcome to Ringasm, the erotica-oriented LOTR challenge community!

The rules here are few and simple:

1)Any pairing(s), any number, any gender. Any species, for that matter. Nazgul Nine-ways, OTP's--whatever you want.

2)Follow the rules of the kink community. In short, everything should be safe, sane and consensual. If you have any questions, please e-mail me; while I'm not strictly a member of the kink community, I'm familiar with them, and would be happy to discuss/advise.

3)In line with the above: list *any* possible squicks in the intro to your story. Yes, that includes slash; this community welcomes hetfic as well. That way you can avoid your turn-offs--isn't that nifty!?

4)Please leave constructive feedback. I want to run this as both a workshop and a challenge list; this means people will sometimes tell you things they don't like in your story. We're all adults here, so suck it up. Listen to it, maybe it'll improve your writing. Make sure your reviews are *constructive*, please.

5)If you're underage, you probably shouldn't be here. Clicking on the cut-link to any NC-17 fic means that you are of age. (No, it wouldn't have stopped me either, but I want to save my ass from possibly angry parents.)

6) We're all adults here. Act like it. Respect each other, respect each others' tastes. Be open to broadening your borders. Don't feel obliged to do so, though. Pick your comfort zone. Y'all get what I'm saying?

7)FPS only, please. It's Lord of the Rings, not Hot Actors in LOTR Movie.

Challenges will be posted every Monday, possibly every other Monday, depending on how things work out. Challenges will come in the form of whatever strikes my fancy--a photo, a phrase or passage, a series of words. You'll technically have until the next challenge to complete your story, but I'm not planning on particularly enforcing this.

Thank you for dropping by, and I hope you enjoy!
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