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Title: A unwelcome guest
Pairing: Pippin/Frodo
Rating: PG-13 for now
Summary: What happens when Peregrin Took shows up at Frodo Baggins door step in the middle of the night?
Disclaimer: I don't own characters or anything else to do with the works of J.r.r Tolkien. Complete fiction.

It was a lovely spring morning in the shire, Sam came in with a pack of letters for Frodo. Maybe this beautiful morning would not be so beautiful, he was expecting to go out in the sun and read a new book he had picked up the other evening. Instead he would now be going through tons of letters from pesky relatives whom he would like to have no relation with. Sam gave a knowing smile as Frodo stood there looking at the pile of letters.

"Oh Sam, I wanted to go out so badly today and now I have to write back to all these people."

"Well there is a letter in there you might find interesting Mr. Frodo." Sam looked at the pile

"Sam, have you been going through my mail?" Frodo was now a little annoyed at Samwise

"Oh no, pardon me I meant I just saw a glance of the letter, no spying sir." Sam bit his lip

"I will be going into the garden now, hope to see you out of here soon." Sam walked out quickly

"I hope so also!!" Frodo called back to Sam although he doubted he could hear him

Frodo sat down at his desk and went through the packages of hoping to see one from somebody he actually did like, or perhaps even Bilbo for he wondered all the time where his mysterious uncle went. Maybe even to receive a letter from Gandalf would be nice, but Gandalf didn't have much to do with the shire after Bilbo left, although he left him with a beautiful gold ring and told him to keep It secret and safe and it was, right under the floor board.

"Silly took" he said to himself when he saw a bright yellow letter with his name in big blue letters, obviously he wanted his letter to be noticed as usual or maybe this time it was actually important.

Dear Frodo,

Me and Meriadoc got in a big fight we never want to see each other again and I have no place to currently stay. This means that I will be moving in with you!! We will have so much fun. I will be there shortly with all my stuff. Have a nice day cousin!!


"Oh mercy, no way in hell is that annoying brat moving in here." Frodo jumped up and ran into the garden where Sam was watering the flowers.

"Sam, I have received the worst possible news." Frodo looked very worried

"Did a relative die, did you receive a letter from Bilbo." Sam was worried himself

"No worst then that, and I do wish Bilbo would write me. Pippin is coming to live here, because stupid Meriadoc had to get in a fight with him." Frodo sat down on the bench and took a breath of the fresh spring air

"Oh Mr. Frodo, don’t be so daft. You know when Merry and Pippin get in a fight they get back together within the most a few minutes. I highly even doubt he will be here." Sam let out a loud laugh and Frodo looked up and smiled.

"I suppose you are right Sam, Everything will be fine." Frodo got up and sighed and went into bag end with his mind at ease.
Frodo was awoken in the middle of the night by a loud banging at the door, who would possibly be at his house at this time? The sun was not even up yet. He got up out of his huge bed and walked down the hallway in his breeches and a loose shirt.

"Coming!! Don’t knock the door down" he muttered the last part

Frodo sighed and opened the door expecting Sam but instead he had a body jumping on him and kissing him all over his face. He looked up and saw none other then the silly took Pippin. He had grown up quite a lot since the last time he had saw him. He also looked like he was sobbing considering his eyes were puffy and red but he was all smiles and Frodo just wanted to go back to sleep.

"Pip, why.. Why.. Why.." was all Frodo could say

"Oh, do you not want me here?" Pippin looked as if he would cry at any moment

"No, it is a very nice visit. I have actually never seen you parted from well --" Frodo was cut off by a very now angry took

"By who? Merry? The stupid ninny he is. Well I would not mind if I never saw him again, plus I’m here with my favorite cousin Frodo Baggin’s what could be better then that?" Pippin then jumped back into Frodo’s arms

"Let your favorite cousin go back to sleep" Frodo got up and started walking down the hallway to his room, he would love to spend time with Pippin but only when he had energy because well Pippin was too energetic for him.

"Not without me, I will sleep with you tonight. Just let me put my bags in my new room." Pippin grabbed his bags and went into his new bedroom throwing down all his bags then running to Frodo’s room in amazing speed.

"I’m here!!" Pippin yelled before Frodo had even got to his bed

"How lovely." Frodo grumbled in sarcasm while getting into his bed by the time he pulled up the covers he felt his bed shift and a little body move next to him. This was most definitely going to be uncomfortable.

"Oh Frodo, it was so horrible." with that Pippin burst out sobbing on his cousins shoulder making Frodo shoot his eyes open at the sudden mood change of Pippin.

"Oh Pip, it will be alright. What happened?" Frodo felt Pippin trembling underneath him

"I found him with a guy in our bed, he was doing things I can’t say with this guy that he was only to do with me!!" with that Frodo’s eyes shot open again.. Was Pippin saying he and Merry were? No it could not be..

"They were both naked when I walked in and then I ran out and after awhile he came out and said that me and him were over, that he needed to see new people." Pippin burst out crying again and Frodo also felt like crying from the news that both his cousins were gay without telling him.. They told him everything.

"Why didn’t you tell me you and Meriadoc liked men. I would have understood." Frodo kissed Pips head and sighed

"You wouldn’t have understood, you would have told us both that we were crazy fools." Pippin cuddled into Frodo’s arms and sighed lightly "I guess we were fools." he whispered

"You two were not fools, silly took. You were in love there is nothing wrong with that. Although I could never see Merry treating you so horribly, I mean you barely detach from each other." he pushed the hair out of Pippin’s eyes and smiled

"Do you think next time you have a secret like this that you will just tell me and not write me a letter telling me you are coming to live here and then proceed to arrive in the middle of the night. It would be much appreciated." Pippin looked up and smiled at him and Frodo was almost taken back by how lovely his eyes were although in Pip’s mind he could think the same about Frodo.

"I’m sorry, that was kind of rude wasn’t it?" Pippin frowned

"It’s ok though cause we will have lots of fun living together. We can even sleep together like this every night, its quite comfortable." Pippin smiled to himself and Frodo groaned at the thought.. He did like his alone time and now he would have none .. He can’t handle Pip like Merry could..

Frodo got comfortable and closed his eyes while Pippin put his head on Frodo’s chest and smiled

"Goodnight Frodo, thanks for not throwing me out." Pippin yawned

"Goodnight Pip, now just hope I don’t end up throwing you out." Frodo then fell to sleep along side Pippin

He awoke the next morning to a arm over his face restricting his mouth from breathing. He got up and walked down the hallway to Sam making breakfast in a very cheery mood.

"Why are you so happy." Frodo grumbled

"Because it’s raining today." Sam said happily

"The rain is a good thing? Sam you’ve gone mad." Frodo grabbed his cup of tea and plate to sit down and hoped to finish before Pippin came out and ate his share of food.

"The rain is good, this dry weather hasn’t been good for your garden." Sam was about to sit down before he heard a loud yelling come from down the hallway

"Is that breakfast I smell? I will be right out" with that Sam and Frodo heard loud thumping down the hallway, which was rather unusual considering hobbits were suppose to be quiet creatures.

"Oh, perhaps I was wrong about what I said yesterday." Sam went to cook more breakfast

"Oh It’s a lovely morning, perfect for going down to the lake and swimming." Pippin smiled and his green eyes lit up

"But I wouldn’t dare go without my cousin Frodo." Pippin sat down with a thump and started to drink Frodo’s tea..

"Hoy!! Hold up lad, that is my tea!!" Frodo was now angry

"Oh calm down you ninny, I don’t have cooties." with that he proceeded to gulp down Frodo’s tea

"I guess I will get you another cup of tea Mr. Frodo." Sam smiled at his master who looked completely agitated

"Don’t forget me either, I would like an extra tea!!" Pippin yelped with a wide smile

"Your going to be the death of me" Frodo mumbled to himself while reaching for a muffin that Pippin’s hand was already on. He pulled back his hand and sighed.

After breakfast which Frodo really had little of, Pippin and him got there hoods and went out into the pouring rain for a swim at the lake in the forest.

"This is the stupidest thing ever Pip, who goes swimming in the pouring rain? Minus you of course cause you just love doing ridiculous things." Frodo gave his friend a mean glare

"Frodo, my dear lovely Frodo, this will be good for you. You need to get out and live a little, you can’t stay in that hobbit hole forever." Pippin grabbed Frodo’s hand and started to run to the lake

They reached the secluded lake minutes later and Pippin immediately started stripping his close off. Frodo stood there shocked while his cousin started to pull down his under garments.

"Pippin!!" he screamed before Pip even slid them off

"You aren’t going to skinny dip, no way." Frodo looked positively shocked at his cousin

"No of course not, you will be skinny dipping too!!" with that Pippin walked up to his cousin and ripped his top off making Frodo yelp in surprise

"No, no stop, skinny dipping is not my thing." Frodo backed away as Pippin pulled down Frodo’s breeches earning himself a gasp of surprise that made Pippin’s smile brighten up

"Loosen up Frodo, your such a wimp." Frodo stood in his underwear now feeling rather exposed but not for long.. before he could protest his under garment was shed right off his body in one pull making him fall to the ground in surprise. He looked up at a naked Pippin who was laughing his head off at the sight of a bright red Frodo.

"Come on." He pulled Frodo up and walked with him to the lake which had tiny indents from the pouring rain falling on it. Pippin shoved Frodo in the water while laughing at this sight of his shocked cousin. Frodo was rather lovely naked and his eyes seemed to fall out of his sockets when he was shocked but it made him look completely beautiful in a strange and lovely way. Pippin chased his thoughts away and jumped in the lake with Frodo who was freely swimming around. Thank heavens Merry taught him how to swim.

"Pippin, guess what." Frodo said with a smirk

"What?" Pippin asked in curiosity but instead had his head dunked under water by Frodo.

When he came up for air he didn’t see Frodo around and started to get worried.

"Frodo!! Where are you?" he started to swim around looking for his cousin in a panic then Frodo popped his head out of the water and smiled at the look on Pip’s face.

"Don’t ever do that to me again." He said while letting out a sigh of relief

"Ever, ever again. I have never been so worried. I thought you went under and that I would never see you again and it would be all my fault." Pippin kissed his nose and before Frodo could say anything back he put his lips to Frodo’s and gave him a soft passionate kiss that shocked Frodo and made him pull his head back with a questioning look.

"Pippin.." Frodo said confused then Pippin gave a small smile

"Besides if you died you would die with the idea that all I was and ever could be is a silly, naïve took when there is so much more to me then you think." Pippin then swam away leaving Frodo confused.

Frodo and Pippin came out of the water and put on there clothes which stuck to there wet bodies. The walk back was quiet but not the normal awkward silence, just comfortable thinking silence. Frodo’s mind was rushing around trying to figure out what had happened down at the lake. While Pippin was just looking at the dark gray sky and the rain that fell everywhere around them. Then he looked next to himself to see his cousin deep in thought like always.

"Frodo, I’m sorry about awhile ago don’t be uncomfortable around me, please." Pippin gave him a sad look and Frodo smirked to himself

"I don’t mind, It’s fine it was lovely. I had no problems with it." Frodo bit his lip so he wouldn’t smile

They reached the house and both separated to there rooms to change into warm clothes.

Later that night the rain fell hard and the sky was lit with bolts of light and loud noises. Sam didn’t have to go to bag end that night because of the horrid weather change. Which would more then likely flood the garden instead of improving it. This now left Pippin and Frodo alone for the first time that day, and Frodo had to admit he was actually slightly uncomfortable around him but wanted to know more about the relationship he had with Merry that he kept such a secret.

"Come Pippin, lets go into the sitting area of the house, it’s nice and warm down there and there isn’t many windows." Frodo smiled looking at a petrified Pippin who was shaking under the covers.

"Alright, don’t mind me. I don’t like thunder. Did you ever hear about the story of old man Landers who stood by a window in his house during a storm and was electrocuted to death. Ever since Merry told me that story I have been deathly afraid of storms and those loud noises." Pippin crawled out of the blankets and looked up at Frodo with tears in his eyes

"I do miss Meriadoc, he used to hold me during storms and tell me it would be alright, although I never really believed him." Pippin hopped off the tall bed and started walking with Frodo

"Yes, it sounds like Merry really cared about you. But then again he was always like that, but I had no idea he cared about you in the way he CARED about you. If you catch my meaning Pip." Frodo some reason felt a little jealous that Pippin had cared so much about Merry but then pushed the thoughts aside. Frodo and Pip sat down on the fuzzy rug in front of the fire while the loud noises outside calmed down for a bit.

"I understand, I don’t understand how it happened myself. One day we were playmates who caused terror on everybody in town then we were rolling around in bed together. It made no sense what so ever and it happened so fast. Then that night I found him with that guy I was so afraid, lonely and I didn’t know where to go. I was never so heart broken in my life." Pippin let out a shaky breath and Frodo saw that his eyes were beginning to water with unshed tears.

"Oh Pip squeak, it will be fine. Don’t worry let sorrow wash over you. I will tell you a story about when I was in love if it helps, maybe you will see your not the only one who has felt the wraft of heart ache." Frodo smiled and brushed a hair out of Pippins face who was now openly crying

"You had your heart broken, but dear cousin you hardly leave the house or take your eyes off those silly old books you read." Pippin let out a little laugh when Frodo gave him a offended look

"Well I did take my eyes away from a book for this lad, see It was summer a year ago and I had discovered feelings for a guy named Sam. Yes the Sam who works for me and don’t go around saying anything. Well one day I finally got the guts to tell him how I felt. When I did he broke down and cried saying he was so sorry that he did love me but not in that way, that he was in love with Rosie, you know the lady down at the green dragon the daughter of the Cotton family. So I stayed in bed for weeks and weeks just crying because well I truly did love Sam and still do. Then me and Sam rebuilt our friendship and here we are today. So you are not the only one who has felt this horrible although you had known Merry a bit longer and you are also losing a friend along with a lover so it must be twice as bad for you." Frodo said everything in one quick breath and looked down at Pippin who was staring off into space

"Did you hear anything I just said Pip?" Frodo now wondered if he had wasted his time telling his story. Then Pippin looked up with tears in his eyes and hugged Frodo.

"I’m so sorry Frodo, how could that happen to you. How could anybody turn you away, even if they liked lasses. I’m sure any straight guy would turn the other way just for you. You’re the most beautiful hobbit in the whole world and I’m sorry." he started sobbing which was not the direction Frodo wanted to go with the story. It was suppose to make Pippin feel better but that obviously didn’t work.

"I didn’t mean for you to cry, I was trying to tell you that everybody gets there heart broken at one point or another. Not to bawl your eyes out over it." he then leaned down and kissed Pippin on the forehead and pulled back to look in his eyes

"Your eyes." was all Pippin could say before crying again

"What in the world about them" Frodo was now confused again, sadly he was always confused by Pippin.

"There breath taking, I forget to breath when I look into them. I always look into them to try and figure out what goes on in that mysterious head of yours but always fail miserably. Sometimes I think I just see sorrow and bitter sadness and it breaks my heart even more." Pippin put his forehead to Frodo’s and let silent tears spill

"Well you’re a very observant hobbit then, all I ever feel anymore is loneliness, anger, sadness and the feeling that I’m locked in a tiny cage that will never be opened. I’m afraid so much, I’m always afraid. I cry every night until my eyes ache. Then you came along so I can’t cry. I sort of hate it It’s like missing something that should not be there." Frodo felt tears sting his eyes and then felt Pippin’s breath on his mouth and looked up to see his eyes that had tears forming to join the others that fell across his face.

"You are not alone. Everybody loves you they think you’re the most beautiful hobbit around, and you are. You keep yourself locked up in a cage cause you never try and see what is beyond the cage. Someday you will experience something amazing beyond normal comprehension. You will go on an amazing adventure like Bilbo and see what lye’s beyond the shire and a lot does believe me. You will never be alone again, I promise you that. I love you my dear Frodo. I always have and always will, even when I was with Merry I thought about you and wanted to come visit you but was never allowed to.. And I now finally am." Pippin smiled at another confused look from Frodo then he leaned in and gave Frodo a deep passionate kiss and it took Frodo’s brain a minute to remember to kiss back and he did until he needed to come up for air and tried to process in his head everything that was happening.

"You think too much Frodo Baggin’s and your mind will burst out of your head someday." Pippin smiled and kissed Frodo on the cheek

"How did you know I was thinking." Frodo had a amused look on his face and had a weird feeling of contentment fall over his body. Something felt completely full and complete at the moment. But he broke out of his thought by Pip’s voice.

"All you ever do is think Frodo, sometimes I try so hard to figure out what your thinking about. You always look so bemused and it’s kind of funny sometimes. Cause you get this really funny look on you when your in deep thought." Pippin laughed and jumped on Frodo pushing him down to fill his face with kisses.

"You need to stop thinking." He then licked Frodo’s face making Frodo giggle and push Pippin down to tickle him. Oh how things could change so fast.

"Fro, Fro, Frodo If you keep this up I’m going to pee my pants on your nice rug." Pippin was laughing loudly and then succeeded in pushing Frodo off him so he could take a breather.

"Oy Pip, I’m tired. I think it’s time to hit the sack. You will be alright by yourself tonight, right?" Frodo pulled himself up off the rug and looked down at a smiling Pippin who’s face turned quickly into a frown at the sound of thunder rumbling.

"Uh, Frodo do you think I can sleep in your room tonight. If it’s not a problem." Pippin cringed at the sounds of thunder that blasted through the house.

"No problem, but keep quiet when I’m trying to sleep." Frodo helped Pippin up and walked side by side with him to the bedroom. With a big yawn Frodo jumped on his bed and crawled under his blanket then the bed shifted and a little yawn came from Pippin.

"Night Pip." Frodo closed his eyes and then felt lips on his own making him sit up in alarm.

"Pippin, Pip, I didn’t want to bring it up but what’s with this kissing thing all of a sudden. It can’t just be kisses friends exchange and your still grieving about Merry for heavens sake." Frodo stared at Pippin who had his eyes fixed on his own hands.

"Frodo, I‘m sorry I won‘t do it again." he croaked and then laid down the opposite side of Frodo. Some reason Frodo felt alone again, even though Pippin was right next to him. Who would have known a week ago that he would be sharing his bed with Pip. He didn’t mind it either, he loved Pippin’s company and he did enjoy those kisses. It was almost like there mouths were made for each other, they fit together so well. Although Pippin annoyed him a lot, but this time alone with Pippin let Frodo see a different side to his cousin. Well he really was not his cousin either, a second cousin once removed. Alright now Frodo was feeling much better about this situation.

"I’m sorry Pip, I loved your kisses. I love you so much but you just confuse me and I don’t know of your intentions, plus I don’t want to take advantage of you at this point in your life." Frodo bent over to Pip and kissed him on the cheek he must have been asleep.

"Do you really feel that way?" A voice came out of nowhere about 10 minutes later startling Frodo

"You must have a delayed reaction problem, I was speaking 10 minutes ago you silly took." Frodo laughed and then continued to speak

"Yes I meant it Pippin, I don’t need you fooling around with me just because you miss Merry. I don’t need two broken hearts, and somehow I feel the broken heart you would give me would hurt a million more times then it did with Sam." Frodo could only imagine

"Then you will not receive a broken heart from me, because I will never leave you. Now kiss me back before I go mad." Pippin bent over Frodo and gave him another passionate kiss, but unlike the one before it contained a hint of tongue and some real feeling behind it. This kiss felt like it held a true emotion, maybe Pip really did love him. Frodo moaned into the kiss and made a little bite on Pip’s bottom lip. Then he decided he really did enjoy this and grabbed Pippins head down into a hot passionate kiss that took both of there breath away. Pippin pulled up gasping and Frodo did the same.

"We need to stop kissing like that, I would hate to have you die while kissing me. Could you imagine what everybody would say?" Frodo laughed

"Yes, that Pippin Took died from Frodo Baggins giving him a hot passionate kiss that literally took his breath away. Then fathers and mothers would have to warn there kids about kissing for too long, because if you kiss for too long you will end up like that Pippin lad." Pippin laughed at himself

"You are a very strange little took, indeed." Frodo messed up Pippins curls and laid down to go to sleep and felt Pippin crawl over to lay on his chest.

"Pippin, not a good idea. You nearly stopped my breathing last night. I woke up to a hand covering my mouth." Frodo pushed Pippin away a bit

"I won’t do it tonight, Promise." then Pippin crawled back over to lay on Frodo’s chest again.

TO BE CONTINUED.. expect a Merry appearance

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